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Artwork by Dmitry Kuznichenko to support project for Ukrainian youth "Stand by Me". 

Watercolour on paper 40x48cm

Dmitry Kuznichenko, (1982)

Kategorie: Podpora Ukrajiny


Dmitry Kuznichenko was born in the Ukraine where he completed studies in a Masters of Fine Art at the Institute of Arts and Design, Kharkov.
He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and young daughter.

From the author about this painting:

"During our Plein Air practicum in the historical town of Chernigiv in 1982, the art students from Kharkiv Academy of Fine Arts were given free lodgings in a student accommodation of some Technical College. Because it was summer, the semester was over and we had the building all to ourselves.

The rooms were all right but the shared toilet and bathroom were in a drastic condition and were undergoing a constant repair – so typical in our Soviet times – when the workers would show up in the morning, switch off the water in the whole building and disappear. While we, students, had to go on living with no water for the rest of the week. That is how, a few streets away from where we lived, we had discovered this blue water pump. It was connected to a natural spring that had some amazing healing qualities. I remember how once the local women had told me that the water from that pump tasted so good that one doesn’t drink it but eat it. With two empty buckets, I would walk at least a kilometre to that water pump, fill up my buckets full, drink as much cold water as I could and sometimes even attach my burning cheek to the cold surface of the pump that retained its coolness despite the summer heat. Then holding the two heavy buckets I would walk back to our living quarters. It felt almost like a crime to flush some of that water into the toilet. So soon enough, I had developed relationship with the corner of that street and felt entitled to draw it."