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Artwork by Dmitry Kuznichenko to support project for Ukrainian youth "Stand by Me".

Watercolour on paper, 37x48cm 

1982 Chernigiv 

Kategorie: Podpora Ukrajiny


Dmitry Kuznichenko was born in the Ukraine where he completed studies in a Masters of Fine Art at the Institute of Arts and Design, Kharkov.
He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and young daughter.

From the author about this painting:

"I am about to recall the summer of 1982. That glorious June and two weeks of July when I, at the time a Year Two fine art student, had spent in the historical town of Chernihiv. There were fifteen of us students – eager to draw and explore and also our lecturer Yiurchenko Oleg Alexandrovich, who was our supervisor and was supposed to keep us in line.

Chernihiv was a township famous for its cathedrals and churches, but in those Godless Soviet times we were kind of given directions to depict not churches but the other things, such as industrial sites or just the streets of Chernihiv. However, it was so hypnotic to stare at how the churches with their gold onion heads were catching the clouds and how the sounds of church bells travelled through the moist evening air, giving the surrounding some luring essence that even an atheist couldn’t resist and was so compelling to paint or draw. 

I have a vivid memory how during that summer in Chernihiv, the culture of cafes and coffee form the West started to infiltrate through our Iron Curtain. Coffee was so tasty and cheap. And very often, I would sit painting for hours, depicting the timeless beauty of some oldest cathedral and at the same time cast the corner of my eye on the outdoors coffee shop to check if there were any pretty women in there. These thoughts about coffee, religion and women in some way must have permeated into my works."