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Artwork by Dmitry Kuznichenko to support project for Ukrainian youth "Stand by Me".

Watercolour on paper 72x76cm


Kategorie: Podpora Ukrajiny

Dmitry Kuznichenko was born in the Ukraine where he completed studies in a Masters of Fine Art at the Institute of Arts and Design, Kharkov.
He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and young daughter.

His story accompanying this paintings is:

“This work have been painted since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. For the first few months I couldn’t paint at all. But then, when I almost forced myself to start drawing again, I understood that it was a great tool to keep my sanity. 

I kind of expected to see a dramatic change in the way I would deal with reality. But around me was peaceful Australia, while the war that is happening so far away in my homeland seemed to have infiltrated into every cell of my being.

Sydney's Inner West suburbs is a part of our city that I have developed very strong bond with. So when I got back painting on the streets, the buildings and streets offered me their comfort and had not judged me when I have brought the snippets of Ukrainian reality into Sydney street settings.

In the work that is called ''GARMATA K BOIU''(Cannon into the firing position) I do not bring the concept of Ukrainian war to Australia, on contrary I try to protect our peaceful Australian continent from anything bad happening here."