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Artwork by Dmitry Kuznichenko to support project for Ukrainian youth "Stand by Me".

Watercolour on a paper 50x63cm

Dmitry Kuznichenko, Kharkiv 2018

Kategorie: Podpora Ukrajiny


Dmitry Kuznichenko was born in the Ukraine where he completed studies in a Masters of Fine Art at the Institute of Arts and Design, Kharkov.
He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and young daughter.

From the author about this painting:

" This work I would call an ethnographical scroll because writing in it means as much as the image.

I painted this four years ago during my last trip to Ukraine. After the death of my father, I have stayed for three months in his flat in the city of Kharkiv.

My father was hooked on listening to a simple radio which is depicted on the background. Next to the radio is my father’s alarm clock which on my artwork is depicted with its hands raised in the position of surrender. His tablets, a soviet war medal which was given to my grandmother on behalf of her killed husband. And a dead deer beetle which I found in the nearby forest. Seemingly by accident these objects had found themselves on one surface but when I looked at them closely, they were telling our family history tightly connected to the major events of the 20 th century.

My father’s battle for life was over. The glory of my grandmother’s WWII medal in my eyes turned into disgrace of the Soviet fascism defeating the German. The deer beetle looks almost alive but look closer. Only the yellow flowers in the vase proclaim the vibe of vitality. That’s why these flowers in my culture are called IMMORTAL."